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DRAMS Architects offers comprehensive services in architecture, interior design, engineering, and construction. With expertise in projects of all scales, we collaborate closely with city officials, provide immersive pre-construction previews, and deliver specialized solutions through partnerships with engineering consultants. Our active involvement in all project steps maximizes efficiency and transforms architectural visions into reality.


​​We provide following services

​​​​- Architecture

- Construction (General Construction B)

- Programming & Planning

- Interior Design

Other in-House Services

- Structural Engineering​​

- Mechanical Engineering

- Electrical Engineering

- Plumbing Engineering

- Landscape Architecture

- Energy Calculation (Title 24)​​​​

Additional Services

For additional services, we have an extensive network of vetted professionals available for referral to support your project.

Service Types


We Work on Following Builsings: 


Single-Family Residence

​​​- Luxury Houses
- Conventional Houses
- Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
- Custom Homes

Multi-Family Residence

- Condominiums

- Apartments

- Mixed-uses

- High-Rises

- Townhouses

- Duplexes

- Affordable housing

- Student housings​



- Stores
- Shopping Centers
- Boutiques
- Malls

Office Spaces

- Office Buildings

- Corporate Offices
- Co-working Spaces

Food & Beverage

- Restaurants
- Cafes
- Franchises
- Commercial Kitchens

Health & Wellness

- Hospitals (OSHPD)
- Clinics
- Medical Offices
- Wellness Centers


Entertainment & Sports

- Sports Facilities
- Theaters
- Event Venues
- Gyms


- Hotels
- Resorts
- Motels


- Warehouses
- Manufacturing Plants
- Distribution Centers

Mixed-Use Developments

- Commercial-Residential

- Complexes
- Live-Work Spaces

Religious Buildings

- Schools (K-12 DSA & Private)
- Universities
- Training Centers

- Churches
- Temples
- Mosques

Apartment Building
Building Types


We Work on Following Builsings: 

New Construction (Ground-up Construction)

Embrace the excitement of a blank canvas as we embark on the journey of bringing your dream project to life. Our experienced team of architects and engineers will work closely with you to design and construct a masterpiece that reflects your vision, style, and purpose.

Tenant Improvement (TI)

If you're looking to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your leased space, our Tenant Improvement services are designed to transform your property into a more efficient and captivating environment. Let us create an inspiring workplace that fosters productivity and growth.


Revitalize your existing property with our exceptional remodeling services. Whether it's a residential or commercial space, we specialize in breathing new life into every corner, ensuring your space evolves with your changing needs and preferences.


Need more space without the hassle of moving? Our addition services allow you to expand your property with seamless integration, ensuring the new elements complement the existing structure, creating a harmonious and unified whole.


Unlock the potential of your property with our conversion expertise. We possess the skills and knowledge to repurpose spaces creatively, converting commercial properties into residential units, or transforming old buildings into trendy and functional spaces.


Modernize and elevate your property's features with our upgrade solutions. From sustainable energy systems to cutting-edge technologies, we'll introduce innovations that enhance comfort, efficiency, and overall value.

Construction Site
Project Types
Client Types


Private Clients

Private Clients

- Homeowners
- Real Estate Developers
- Private Investors
- Property Management Companies
- Business Owners
- Entrepreneurs
- Hospitality Owners (Hotels, Resorts)
- Retail Chains
- Restaurant Owners
- Medical Practices
- Educational Institutions (Private Schools, Universities)
- Religious Organizations
- Non-Profit Organizations
- Senior Living Facility Operators
- Entertainment Venues (Theaters, Sports Facilities)

Private Clients

- Government Agencies
- Municipalities
- Public Schools
- Public Universities
- Healthcare Institutions (Hospitals, Clinics)
- Parks and Recreation Departments
- Transportation Authorities
- Public Housing Authorities
- Community Centers
- Libraries
- Emergency Services (Fire Stations, Police Stations)
- Utility Companies
- Environmental Agencies
- Cultural Institutions (Museums, Galleries)
- Military and Defense Agencies

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